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My name is Sameena Thompson and I decided to develop The Art of Curry sauce range because, being born and raised in a foodie home in England, I found that it was difficult to get the taste of fresh, home cooked curries in Indian restaurants or on supermarket shelves in the UK.

I simply could not find food like mine out there!


And so I have introduced a unique range of cooking sauces which are based on the true heritage of Indian and Pakistani cooking, inspired by my mother’s royal Indian ancestry and culinary knowledge of the foods from around the many and varied regions of India. 


I learned to cook from my mum when I was a young girl growing up in London. She has taught me from original recipes passed down through generations of her family.

Fresh, wholesome ingredients

My curry sauces allow you to create fresh, wholesome and handmade curries using the finest ingredients.  My secret gourmet cooking techniques give you the real taste of an authentic home cooked curry, based on the style of the Indian nobility and their royal kitchens. The food is cooked as it would have been in the palaces of old - slow, delicate and sophisticated.


Everyone talks about secret recipes and anyone can start with the same ingredients, but the real secret lies in the techniques and the individual skill to create a perfect harmony of tastes that delight the palate and the senses.  Delicate but complex.


My Art of Curry sauces give you the depth and complexity of flavours that is the mark of a good curry.  This is not an experience that you can find in any Indian restaurants. My mission is to move people on from the tired old concoctions of high street food and discover the true tastes of a home cooked curry based on centuries of heritage.


Modern and healthy

I blend the traditions of my heritage and that of the food, with my love of modernity and healthy eating. This is heritage food with an up to date twist – less oil, fresh herbs and spices, local produce where possible, and the finest flavoursome techniques. Not heavy, not overpowering – just gorgeous tasting curries and sauces!

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